Energy Efficient Lighting

DIG Energy Efficient Lighting will:

REDUCE your energy consumption by 50-80%
LOWER maintenance costs
EXTEND the life of your lighting

Who can benefit from the DIG Energy Efficient Lighting?

Any building, company, or facility whose goal is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases (GHGs)

How does it work?

Our Energy Efficient Lighting replaces all of your current conventional lighting. We offer all types of indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems. Our products are state of the art utilizing proven and vetted cutting edge technology and components.

How soon can you expect the benefits of the DIG Energy Efficient Lighting to begin?

Immediately (after installation by our qualified technical staff). DIG Energy Efficient Lighting is DLC®, Energy Star™ rated, and UL certified and comes with our industry leading, maintenance free warranty.

1. Energy Saving

DIG's Energy Efficient Lighting offers a wide variety of options for energy savings. Our T8 and T12 LED replacement lamps offer energy reductions of up to 70% over conventional fluorescent lamps and range in color from 3000K to 6000K. DIG’s outdoor line of LED products can offer savings of up to 80% and immediately eliminate all ongoing maintenance costs. All of DIG’s interior LED lamps burn on average 25% cooler than current conventional fluorescent and incandescent lamps which results in lower air conditioning loads and energy costs.

2. Buy American and Trade Agreement Acts Compliant

All DIG Energy Efficient Lighting products qualify as Buy American and Trade Agreement Acts compliant. DIG’s world class engineering and product design capabilities means that any conventional lamp can be “retrofitted” with a new DIG Energy Efficient Lighting solution. DIG’s UNICOR factories are all UL and ISO compliant meaning that every DIG product assembled by UNICOR meets UL guidelines and DIG’s Quality Assurance Program. Each DIG product is individually tested at the factory to ensure product performance and minimize product failure.

3. Indoor

DIG offers a wide variety of UL and Energy Star™ rated indoor LED lamps. All DIG LED lamps are direct replacements for your current high wattage and high temperature output CFL, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps. Our new dimmable LED flat panel offers a quick and easy replacement for your T8 and T12 fluorescent fixtures. DIG also offers T8 LED linear lamps ranging from 2 feet to 8 feet for those who want to keep their existing fixtures. DIG LED linear lamps install directly into your existing fixture with minimal wiring. DIG offers dimmable Par20s, PAR30s, PAR38s, R30s, and MR16s with bi-pin or GU10 bases. All of DIG’s interior LED solutions can be retrofitted into your existing fixtures, come with our 50,000 hour warranty, and provide energy savings ranging from 50 to 80%.

5. Maintenance

There are many advantages to using DIG Energy Efficient Lighting. First, there is an ease of installing (retrofitting) your existing lamps with DIG LED lamps. Second, DIG LED lamps do not require ballasts to operate. No more labor hours changing out ballasts and the cost of new ballasts is eliminated. Third, DIG LED lamps will last 3 – 20 times longer than conventional lamps so the cost of re-lamping is eliminated for years to come. DIG’s world class warranty offers a full product replacement for any defect or failure. During the warranty period ALL maintenance costs, except installation, are completely eliminated.