Plan for a site visit

Preliminary Audit – This is a basic viewing of facility by one of our DIG technicians to examine possible savings opportunities that may be taken advantage of at your facility. This comes at no cost to you or your agency.

Investment Grade Audit (IGA) – An IGA is a thorough, guaranteed audit of your specified facility systems (lighting, HVAC, etc.). This may be required through some agencies or funding sources as a means to approve an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM).

Proposal Issued – A detailed proposal will be delivered that will outline what our suggested ECMs could do to further your advancement towards your GHG reduction goals and improve your budget execution. This will be based on DIG’s preliminary audit or IGA.

Follow-up – Your DIG contact will personally follow-up with to to make sure we have answered any unresolved or new questions that may have arisen about your project.

MIPR/Funding – Our teaming agreement with UNICOR allows us to provide ECM projects that they are able to purchase on your agency’s behalf using Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs), taking a lot of the hassle out of procurement.

Product Ordered

Installation/Completion – Projects are usually completed within 180 days upon the product order being placed – in most cases sooner depending on the type and size of your project. This 180 day period is inclusive of contracting with FPI to commissioning, which is generally less time than than using the normal procurement cycle.