Federal Correctional Institution Solar Thermal Hot Water

This project at a minimum / maximum security state prison located in the Midwestern, United States is an illustrative, real-world example of our vetted solar thermal hot water system installed by GEM approved manufacturers and installers.

The Challenge:

Reducing the annual cost of heating water for inmate use, while providing an acceptable equipment payback period. This Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) currently spends $40,000+ per year to heat water for approximately 200 inmates in each cell house.

The Solution:

A Solar Thermal Hot Water system installed to pre-heat the water entering the existing boiler in the “N” Housing Unit (NHU) to 180°. In addition, inmates were trained and utilized for installation, providing relevant work experience in the rapidly growing solar trade.

The Result:

A 43% reduction in NHU’s natural gas cost with a complete equipment payback in 2.6 years. These results are based on actual gas consumption figures provided by the FCI in December of 2012; the time of year with the shortest days and least solar resources available. Results far exceed these figures with spring and summer’s longer days.